Museum of Youth Culture

Collaboration with The Museum of Youth Culture.

Print design to inspired by Carnaby St. paving, 1973

"Props to the youth culture mecca of 1960s Soho, our new Carnaby range takes inspiration from the radical psychedlia of 70s urban planning, as Westminster City Council sought to pedestrianise the area and commissioned an equally infamous patterned floor that reflected the free-spirited, bohemian attitude of the area.


A bold, geometric design of nylon-based paving, ‘Verynyl’, was designed and laid down in 1972; the black and white ‘zebra crossing’ chequers on a background of yellow and orange brighten up a deary London, as shown in this brilliant shot by Catherine Laz. At the opening event, a local MP described the new precinct as ‘a kind of Shangri-La.’"


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